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Your personalised treatment programme is delivered to you on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, for you to refer to as often as you want, when you want, at a time and place that suits you.

It’s like having an expert clinician on hand to guide you whenever you want. And that will deliver a better outcome.


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Less Pain

Our users report a 3.6 out of 10 average pain scale reduction after just 30 days.

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More Activity

After 14 days, 57% of users told us that they're doing more than when they started, including at work and in general life"

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Better Sleep

After 14 days, 26% of our users told us that they were sleeping better or waking up feeling better.

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Increased Confidence

After 30 days, 64% of our users told us that they understood their back pain better, and were more confident about managing it themselves.

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Read what our users have to say:

Hayley, 48

I can now cope with much more and get far less pain. Really like the programme so far and honestly feel I am helping my future I’m a working mum and feel way too young to have back pain. I put the kids to bed, watch my videos and do my exercises.

Hayley, 48
Daryl, 41

I understand more about my injury now and with the rehab work, I now have the confidence to get back to playing football again. I’ve had my problem for years seen them all, chiros, physios, osteos, but it just keeps coming back. Saw this and thought I could save myself some money.

Daryl, 41
Ann, 62

I am definitely taking less pills that is for sure. After every visit to our allotment, I’d have to reach for the painkillers my GP prescribed me. My advice videos have given a number of tips that I find very useful. Some of the exercises I can find a little difficult but I’m persevering. Maybe that’s the key.

Ann, 62
Hayley, 48

With, my journey is properly co-ordinated and personalised for me. I watch the videos when it suits and do my rehab work either in the hotel gym or even in my room. My problem is continuity. My job takes me all over the world, it’s just flight after flight, hotel room after hotel room. Trying to book regular appointments with a physio is impossible. Treatment has been either feast or famine.

Gareth, 44
Daryl, 41

Makes it much easier to follow the programme if you have confidence in the concept. I completed the e-consultation as requested. Thought it was in-depth but wasn’t at all convinced they really understood me and my injury. There is a seven-day free trial so I thought I might give it a go anyway. On day three they sent me a video where they absolutely nailed my symptoms.

John, 66
Ann, 62

I really like being able to watch and re-watch the videos, particularly the rehabilitation ones. Before, I’d just forget how to do them as soon as I’d walk out of the clinic. I have struggled for quite a while with my back. I see an Osteopath when it goes out. Having joined I do still occasionally visit my Osteo, but much less often.

Lindsay, 42
Hayley, 48

Very much like that these are personalised for me, and gradually get more difficult. No one has ever said to me, don’t waste your time doing the ones you find easy. Makes sense though. Over the years I have either seen or been given, a variety of exercises and stretches to help my back. Never really knew if they were right for me.

Davina, 27
Daryl, 41

My brother uses Backpain online and swears by it and I have to admit things have improved significantly for me. Things I couldn’t really do before, I can now. I had spinal surgery 15 years ago and have just being living with the pain since. After much deliberation, I joined up. I know understand my injury and why the surgery was performed. By understanding more, listening to their advice and carrying out the rehab I am certainly in a better place.

Rob, 58
Ann, 62

I spend a lot of time at my desk, quite often 10-12 hours a day which results in back discomfort. I had tried numerous different back specialists, which I was finding expensive and inconsistent in terms of results. transformed things for me; I was given customised techniques to help myself - on my own terms, in my own time, without the expense of seeing someone.

Jai, 40
Hayley, 48

I have used Toby and Graeme for over ten years and cannot recommended them highly enough. Put simply, they are excellent and have completely restored my back from chronic long-term pain to being pain-free. The creation of is fantastic and allows them both to deliver their skills to a much wider audience.

Darryl Clark - Senior VP Diversified
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