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"I’m a working mum and feel way too young to have back pain. I put the kids to bed, watch my videos and do my exercises. I can now cope with much more and get far less pain. Really like the programme so far and honestly feel I am helping my future."


"Saw this and thought I could save myself some money! I’ve had my problem for years - seen them all, chiros, physios, osteos, but it just keeps coming back. I understand more about my injury now and with the rehab work, I now have the confidence to get back to playing football again."


"After every visit to our allotment, I’d have to reach for the painkillers my GP prescribed me. In fairness, my ‘Journey’ of advice videos has given me a number of tips that I find very useful. Some of the exercises I can find a little difficult but I’m persevering. Maybe that’s the key. I am definitely taking less pills that is for sure."

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Comprehensive e-consultation assessment

Personalised back pain management

Immediate access to videos tailored for you

Access to experienced spinal experts

Videos delivered direct to your mobile, tablet or PC 

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Introducing Victoria, a back pain sufferer. Hear her story…


Built for you

Our experts assess your answers, identify your injury and provide immediate access to our video platform.

Depending on your personalised pathway, approximately 100 videos will be delivered to you either on a daily basis or in batches, over your first ten or so weeks.

Each video is short and sweet, lasting from just 30 seconds to 6 minutes. They can be viewed wherever you are, at home, at work, even on your daily commute, and on any platform such as smartphone, tablet or computer.



A proven approach to
managing Back Pain

Since 2016, the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) has advocated a balance of coping mechanisms, and not just one aspect in isolation.

It concludes you need a combination of self-management, exercise and rehabilitation, understanding psychological factors involved, as well as mobilising and manipulating the spine. promotes this endorsed approach by focusing on three key pillars.


Let’s simplify medical jargon. Easy to understand bite-size explanations that will de-threaten and allow you to cope better.


We’ll give you an extensive toolbox of everyday dos and don’ts. Practical advice you can use at home and at work.


Safe and effective mobilising, stretching and strengthening techniques, formulated to help your condition.

NICE 2016 Low Back Pain and Sciatica in over 16s : assessment & management

"I had tried numerous different specialists, which was expensive and also I live in a quite isolated area. transformed things for me; I was given customised techniques to help myself - on my own terms, in my own time, without the expense of seeing someone."

Jai Taylor
Graphic Designer : Jaijo Ltd

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