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Developed by back specialists, using the latest techniques, and a scientifically proven approach designed to resolve your pain, increase mobility and functionality.

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Our back pain therapies
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Manage back pain yourself


You don’t have to see a medical practitioner such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath regularly, but you do need to be shown how to manage back pain yourself properly.

Self-management is important for preventing back pain from occurring in the first place and ongoing it can help prevent injury from reoccurring.

Effective back pain solutions come from understanding the cause in the first place, and tailoring therapy to alleviate it accordingly. That’s where comes in.

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Back pain solutions that work with you


If you are already receiving treatment from a professional, our online therapy is a great support alongside it – showing you how to help yourself between treatments, and giving you the knowledge you need to manage your back pain.

After your initial eConsultation, we offer different ways to receive your tailored back pain solutions, which are designed to fit around your lifestyle and treat your injury effectively.

Let's show you exactly how it works
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personalised therapy

A sample of therapy content from our ESSENTIALS programme, personalised to you and your injury.


Free access
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2hrs+ personalised therapy

For treating a specific back pain issue - access all your therapy programme in one go.


£19.99 for 60 days
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5hrs+ personalised therapy

For ongoing back pain support - regularly receive your therapy delivered in bite-sized chunks.


£7.99 per month
or £79.99 annually

"I did greyhound, hip flexing & clock rotation work. The relief was instant. Awesome results and definite proof of the benefits of mobility exercising over stretching and strengthening. I have made some really impressive improvements and they seem to be long term."


Back pain solutions from specialists

Back pain is currently the largest reported reason for sickness absence in the UK. And in our clinic, we see more incidents of back pain than any other physical injury.

The good news is that most back pain can be improved, and will resolve with the right help.

As qualified back specialists, we’ve helped over 5,000 people improve their back pain.

We’ve seen what works, and we’ve seen how doing the wrong thing can make things worse. Using the latest current thinking and best practice, we bring our expertise to you, so you can benefit too.

Whether it’s doing more of the things you love, like sport, gardening, working or just getting on with your day-to-day living, we give you the tools that put you in control to manage your back pain better yourself.

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of our users report by day 14 that:
"I feel I’m moving better having done the rehab I’ve seen in my programme" 

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Better back pain management

One of the most important things in managing and improving back pain is that any advice and exercises are followed properly. Personalised, one-to-one demonstrations make the most difference and so our guidance and therapy videos show you exactly how to move and do exercises correctly and safely.

When people self-diagnose their condition and then search for exercise videos online to help, they then wonder why they haven’t worked. The back pain therapy we recommend to you is based on a thorough assessment of your particular issue. It has been developed by spinal experts, based on years of experience, helping thousands of people.

Back pain solutions are most beneficial when they come via expert specialist guidance. We’re confident that if you take the eConsultation, and follow your online therapies, you’ll understand how to support yourself better and will feel more in control of how you manage back pain.

Personalised back pain solutions

  • To get the most appropriate support for you, it needs to be personalised.
  • Complete our eConsultation for an in-depth assessment of your particular symptoms.
  • We’ll send you a personalised therapy programme based on the results.
  • You can access it straight away from your smartphone, PC or laptop.
  • Review the therapies available in your programme again and again at a time that suits you.
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report after just 14 days that:
"I’m sleeping better or waking up feeling better"