Trust the experts has been developed by expert spinal clinicians - BSc Hons and M.Ost qualified.

We have run a clinical practice for 25 years, and still treat people in clinic every day.

It's a multi-discipline centre of clinical excellence, using the very latest thinking and best practice to support people.

We have helped over 5,000 people with back pain and one of the main ways we do this is by showing them how to help themselves when they’re on their own.

This approach to plays a huge part in their recovery and is central to

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Meet your clinicians

Graeme Rider

Graeme Rider

BSc Hons


After 25 years’ experience in helping people with back pain, I see the best results when we show people how to help themselves. I wanted to design online therapy that would be like having an expert on hand whenever people need it. And that’s exactly what this does. It also means we can reach more people than just those we can see in clinic. Digital health has truly arrived.

Toby Pollard-Smith

Toby Pollard-Smith



I’m an ex-professional dancer. I had years of treatment myself. And this inspired me to learn how to treat others. I have first-hand experience of the importance of self-management when it comes to back pain. One of the most important aspects of my work is showing people how to support themselves properly and I’m excited to make this widely available to more people.

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Cutting-edge technology


Along with helping people in their day-to-day activities, Graeme and Toby also work with professional athletes and elite sportspeople.

Since 2014 this has included providing musculoskeletal care to a leading Formula 1 race team. Their experience of treating them both in person and supporting them remotely helped form the idea of how to extend remote, expert help to others.

So Graeme and Toby developed a programme where they could help many more people.

BackPain.Online was born.

Working with the latest cutting-edge technology, we take everything we do in clinic and bring it to you online – it is a digital, multi-discipline centre of excellence.


How does it work?
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of our users report "I'm doing more than when I started, including at work or in general life"

Who can benefit?


✓ We treat people from all walks of life, from professional sportspeople through to people who just want to go about their daily lives.

✓ Sedentary lifestyles, physical jobs and everyday activities like sport, DIY and gardening can all contribute to back pain.

✓ Our online therapy is designed to help everyone, from sportspeople to office workers, from gardeners to manual labourers, and those who are keen to prevent injury in the first place.

✓ It is designed to help you do more of the things you love - to increase your mobility, functionality and strength, and help you lead the life you want.


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