How does it work?

Once you’ve completed your eConsultation we send you your personalised online therapy programme.

You can access your programme straight away. And you can access it as often as you like.

Your programme is designed to support you and solve your back pain, based on the answers you provided in your eConsultation.

Your therapy toolbox includes short, easy-to-follow content with step-by-step demonstrations and advice on how to target your specific issue.

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of our users report ‘I’m more confident about managing my back pain now I understand my back better'

Why use us?
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A personalised digital treatment programme to support people with back pain.


Developed by back pain specialists, using the latest techniques.

A proven approach designed to increase mobility and functionality.


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If you choose ESSENTIALS, we send you all your content in one go. This is designed to target a specific issue and give you access to a lot of immediate help.


If you subscribe to mySMARTtherapy, we regularly send you new content. This is designed to help you keep progressing, build your strength and improve your functionality.

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Personalised support for you

✓ The key to getting the most appropriate support for you, is for it to be based on an understanding of your particular need, for your particular issue. It needs to be personalised.

✓ We have developed an in-depth assessment for you to complete, this is our eConsultation, and it’s designed to give us all the information we need about your particular issue.

✓ Complete our eConsultation and we’ll send you your personalised online therapy. This is developed following years of clinical practice and using the latest clinically proven results.

✓ You can access the guidance and treatment programme straight away. 

✓ This is a personalised treatment programme for you, in essence a toolkit, which includes a range of easy-to-follow videos as well as a set of written guidelines that show you exactly what advice and exercises are going to help you most.

✓ And you can re-watch the videos again and again – key in helping you understand them.

✓ Your content is all delivered to you on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, for you to refer to as often as you want, when you want, at a time and place that suits you.

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"My back pain used to last for weeks, even with going to Osteopaths for treatment. Now, it’s only a few days. I have much more confidence in dealing with my flare-ups"


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