Working from home


Since lockdown, many people are continuing their work from home. It might continue this way a lot longer. 

We have tips, tricks and exercises to relieve and prevent discomfort, helping you to cope better when working from home.

Change the surroundings, change the patient.

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1. Let's start by busting a long-held myth

A lot of people believe that back pain is caused by poor posture. Allow Toby to explain...


2. Now we'll get you sitting comfortably

Toby teaches this to his patients in clinic every day and it makes a big difference.


3. Here's some exercises to keep you supple and relieve the stiffness


1. Let's make sure your glutes are stretched and relaxed - you can even do this whilst sitting.


2. Now your glutes are relaxed, we're going to wake them up.

But watch carefully to get it right...


3. Next up, your hip flexors (which perform the opposite activities to your glutes). 

Lots of people get this one wrong - so watch carefully.


4. Ok, let's open your chest and undo that 'closed' computer posture.


5. Time to twist.

Again, many people twist their spine for relief, but sometimes that causes irritation. We'll show you a better alternative.


6. Child's pose to finish.

A yoga favourite that has many benefits.
Better known as "smart adult pose"?

4. Remember, remember, remember

  • It's so important to take regular breaks, even for just 30 seconds. Do a stretch, look out of the window, or even just get a drink.
  • Keep moving. Try to mix up your positions. We've shown you a neutral posture, but don't make this stop you moving. Take phone calls standing, walk when you need to think.
  • If you really find yourself sitting still for too long, set a timer for 30 minutes, and when it goes off, make sure that you change position, or at least stop for a stretch.

Your best posture is your next one...

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