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Lower Back Pain Relief - 100s of Tailored Exercise Videos

Lower back pain can affect anyone at any age - It not only affects mobility but can play a big part in our mental well being. It is important not to ignore the signs of Back Pain and begin working on a treatment as soon as the first signs start to show. Here at Back Pain Online we provide our subscribers with tailored, accurate and worthwhile exercises that will help improve mobility. Save £100s by subscribing today. You can also trial the platform for 7 days to see how you find it!


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"I’m a working mum and feel way too young to have back pain. I put the kids to bed, watch my videos and do my exercises. I can now cope with much more and get far less pain. Really like the programme so far and honestly feel I am helping my future "

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That’s great news, Haley! You’re right though, by taking action now you will be protecting your back for later in your life.

What is Lower Back Pain?

Commonly referred to as Lumbago, lower back pain is likely to affect 7/10 people in a lifetime. Our back is connected with many other parts of our body and experiencing poor mobility as a result of plain can limit the exercises, activities and movement that you can do. Back pain affects a large amount of people but the most common age demographic is between the 35 and 55 range and almost always caused through the way that the ligaments, bones and muscles within the back interact. 

Although lower back pain is a common occurrence many people decide to leave this untreated. The pain may come on suddenly or could build up over time. Because the back is a very complex part of the body pain may come on due to small amounts of damage and cause a lack of mobility.

As with most injuries or pain, it can begin to heal itself through regular exercise and movement but the majority of the time pain will return due to it never being fully treated. One of the most common forms of back pain is referred to as ‘Sciatica‘. A trapped or pinched nerve is the cause of this and can be felt in your bottom, back of the legs and right the way down to your toes.

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Our Lower Back Pain Relief treatments are tailored to you. They are easy to follow, relevant and designed to fully treat and remove the pain that you are experiencing! You could be watching your first videos in under 10 minutes.

Sample Back Pain Relief Videos

It is important for any potential subscribers to understand what the videos look like and how they are structured. We work with each person to provide a tailored and personalised treatment path. With this in mind, education is key to In this sample video below, Graeme and Toby discuss disc injuries and sciatica.


What are the symptoms of Lower Back Pain

There are a range of Symptoms that will show if you are experiencing lower back pain. Aside from the most common symptom of reduced mobility, you may also notice pain and a subtle to severe ache at any point on your back. The videos on back pain online aim to ease the pain and improve mobility.

During your initial assessment, we will ask you a range of questions to understand your lifestyle, the activities that you do on a daily / weekly basis and a range of other questions. This is to help us form a picture of you as a person and to understand how back pain relates to your life and situation. All subsequent videos will be tailored to you as a person and take your history and situation into account. You are benefiting from Graeme and Toby's combined experience as leading osteopaths for a fraction of the cost.

How do our Back Pain Relief Videos help

Backpain Online are dedicated to providing people with a personalised video based journey. This helps ensure that all videos that members watch are tailored to their situation and have the best chance at improving the Back pain that they are experiencing. Some of the main highlights to using back pain online are below.

  • Years of experience for a fraction of the cost

When becoming a member on Backpain Online you are benefiting from the years of experience that both Graeme and Toby have. Combined they have over 25 years of experience in the Musculo-Skeletal industry. 

  • Educate, advice and rehabilitation

The videos fall under one of the 3 main categories. We always aim to educate members on their situation and the exercises that will be able to help fix their current back related problems. Through rehabilitation we provide actionable stretches aimed at improving any areas that have weakness. 

  • 100s of videos on demand

With every subscription members will get access to a bank of tailored and easily viewable videos. You can access these from a smartphone, tablet or PC and are designed for you to implement on a daily basis.

Upon subscribing to Backpain Online you will instantly get access to your tailored videos and your pre defined exercise workflow will be waiting. In addition to the videos, members will gain access to the relevant information hub where helpful and insightful information can be found.  

Lower Back Pain Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation videos are here to help you keep back pain away and provide you with improved mobility for years to come. Ensuring that you follow these videos and stretch your back will help improve the muscles, ligaments and overall movement of your back. Rather than using your valuable time to try and find the right videos for you we do it for you. Our Free E-Consultation will formulate a video workflow that you can work through. It will be tailored to your situation and be your one stop shop for all things back pain related.


Our rehabilitation videos cover three fundamental areas:

Mobility - Stretching muscles and mobilising joints so you can move enough

Strength - Areas of weakness will be tackled

Skill - If you move well, you feel better...

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Why should you take care of your back?

Regular back exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Walking, Swimming and a wide range of activities will help strengthen your back muscles but if pain persists you are no longer able to perform these activities. In addition to this, having back pain will not only hinder your mobility but can also prevent you from sleeping. You should not ignore signs of back pain and it is vital to start treatment straight away. We are available to help your mobility and make sure that you are able to perform daily tasks that may have become trouble some through reduced mobility of your lower back!



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